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Announcing: Nava Vraja Mahima

A Nine Volume Literary Treasure on the Glories of Sri Vrndavana Dhama Brought to you by His Holiness Sivarama Swami, author of the highly acclaimed Krishna in Vrndavana series, Nava Vraja Mahima is an epic work of over 4,000 pages on The Glories of New Vraja Dhama.


A Tale of Transformation

In 2006 Sivarama Swami embarked on a writing adventure to reveal how the original sacred place of Lord Krishna’s birth: Vrindavana, India, has manifest in New Vraja Dhama, ISKCON Hungary’s 600 acre sustainable farm. Through the tireless dedication of the resident Vaishnavas an unremarkable area of land has been transformed into a holy place. Complete with kunds and lovingly tended cows, and presided over by the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radha Shyamsundar, the original Vraja has manifest as a place of pilgrimage as never seen before in the Western world.


A Literary Treasure

This beautifully illustrated guide to the glories of Vrndavana will take you on a journey through the sacred sites of Lord Krisha’s lila. The completed work will be presented bound in artificial leather, with raised golden print, and richly decorated to be “as beautiful as a treasure box.” Featuring:

  • descriptions of nearly 1,000 holy places of Radha and Krishna’s pastimes
  • beautifully illustrated pilgrimage maps, revealing many forgotten sites known only within the oral tradition of the Brijbasis
  • delightful Krishna pastimes, some of which has never before been published in ISKCON literature

Nava Vraja Mahima will also feature over 400 new pieces of artwork, painstakingly created by a team of artists who have been working in a specially created studio for the last three years.




A Passport to the Holy Sites of Vraja

 Nava Vraja Mahima is an heirloom piece that will be treasured for generations to come. Within it's ornate pages you will find entry into the sweetness of Lord Krishna's divine lilas, with prose, pastimes, pictures and pilgrimage maps created with such care and attention that you will certainly taste the sweetness for yourself.


A Once-in-a-Lifetime Opportunity

"Sivarama Swami is no stranger to epic spiritual writing projects: released between 1999 and 2007, his Krishna in Vrindavana series was extremely popular amongst devotees around the world. Also featuring original detailed line drawings, the books wove stories of Krishna’s pastimes in Vrindavana with the commentaries of previous acharyas to inspiring effect." ISKCON News

The Krishna in Vrindavana series made such an impact that, years later, devotees that missed the first printing are still asking where they can buy it. Especially Venu Gita which, 10 years after it's release, has become a longed-for classic. Nava Vraja Mahima will be printed on demand. There will be one printing only. Those who have ordered in advance will be the ones to obtain this rare volume which the publishers intend to be an invaluable resource for years to come.


Further information on Nava Vraja Mahima:

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